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What Is A Network?

A network is where real estate agents share property listings, resources, and referrals, enabling them to expand their reach, serve clients more effectively, and potentially increase sales and commissions through cooperative efforts.

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Agents Often Say…

“It's great we have all these properties, however, How do we present & share them to our clients without the effort & extra costs for website plugins or custom integrations. ”


Network Pro

Unlike other networks, We provide agents with their own "Listing Portal" (Multi-listing Website) that is ready to share to your buyers right away. Instantly start generating commisions through properties enquiry referals by simply sharing a link.

Gain unparalleled exposure to qualified home buyers without lifting a finger. Your properties are prominently displayed in fellow members portals, allowing their buyers to browse and express interest in, and even buy your listings.

With Network Pro you can…
  • Share your link with your clients for personalised browsing.
  • Use in your database to ensure wide-reaching exposure.
  • Send to potential buyers to stimulate interest.
  • Promote on social media for maximum visibility.
  • Integrate into your marketing & advertising materials.
  • Include in your email signatures for constant exposure.
  • Implement in your Whatsapp & email auto-responses for immediate follow-ups.
It's like having a worldwide team promoting your listings without the hefty price tag!
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Calling All UK Agents

Earn unprecedented commissions, historically exclusive to International estate agents.

We discovered the perfect opportunity to connect international buyers to properties, from the comfort of their trusted local agency. It’s a marriage of convenience where all types of agents in the UK earn unprecedented commissions, historically exclusive to International estate agents.

Approximately 1.5 million British nationals own properties overseas.

800,000 UK residents have 2nd homes abroad.

Each year, between 25,000 and 40,000 Brits buy foreign properties.

Local UK agents have built relationships, loyalty, and trust with families and residents in their communities.

Based on an estimate of 30,000 British nationals purchasing foreign properties annually at an average property value of €300,000, with a commission rate of 5% (within the 4-8% average agent commission range), this represents a potential €450,000,000 in commission each year.

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